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Kevin Hammond

School of Computer Science

North Haugh

St Andrews


KY16 9SS

United Kingdom


Web address:

Direct phone: +44 (0)1334 463241

Research overview

My general research interests lie in the design and implementation of computer programming languages, including implementation of real-time and embedded systems. I have over 20 years of experience in this area, am an expert programmer with considerable experience programming Unix and other systems, and have been involved in numerous successful research projects of national and international importance.

Within this general research area, I am pursuing two distinct research strands: i) Bounded time/space modeling. My work on parallel computing has led to the development of novel time and space cost modelling techniques, which I have incorporated into a new programming notation, Hume. The work is potentially significant to a number of commercially important areas of Computer Science, including embedded/real-time systems and Systems-on-Chip.

ii) Parallelism and the GRID. Harnessing the power of multiple processors offers the prospect of significant performance improvement. Such power is essential to both scientific and commercial applications, including those targeted by the recent E-Science initiative. The challenge is to design new computer languages and abstractions that can allow such systems to be exploited effectively at low programmer cost. This is the research that my team has been pursuing over the last few years.

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