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Neil Hazon

Scottish Oceans Institute

East Sands

St Andrews


KY16 8LB

United Kingdom


Direct phone: +44 (0)1334 463451

Research overview

Classical whole animal physiology/endocrinology linked to in vitro isolated tissue and cell and molecular studies to investigate osmoregulatory function. The control of sodium and water balance in teleost fish. Expression and characterisation of Na+-K+-ATPase and ""CFR-like"" chloride channels in euryhaline fish. Environmental factors affecting stress, growth rate and development in aquaculture. Development of recirculation technology for application in aquaculture. Osmoregulation, physiology and behaviour of migratory sea trout. Control of sodium and urea metabolism in elasmobranch fish. Isolation and characterisation of novel elasmobranch peptides.

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