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Stephen Ralph Holmes

School of Divinity

St Mary's College

South Street

St Andrews

KY16 9JU

United Kingdom


Web address:

Direct phone: +44 (0)1334 462838

Research overview

I am broadly interested in Christian theology in its classic forms, including both its history and contemporary expression. Within this wide field, I have three main areas of interest:

I study Evangelical Christianity, particularly its theological commitments. I have written on such central topics as the doctrine of Scripture and the atonement. My concerns are often with the historical and geographical variety of Evangelical theology, and with patterns of contemporary renewal.

I am also interested in Baptist theology, again in both historical and contemporary expressions. I have written on Baptist accounts of church and ministry, and represented Baptist denominations on ecumenical bodies.

Both these traditions can trace roots to English Puritanism, and this tradition also interests me.

Finally, I work on constructive theology. At the moment I am particularly interested in the doctrine of God, and how the Trinity relates to philosophical ideas of God in history (particularly the church fathers) and in recent theological reformulation. I am also interested in the doctrine of salvation, particularly the atonement. 

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