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Overview of Kamusella's monograph The Un-Polish Poland, 1989 and the Illusion of Regained Historical Continuity

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Article in Belarusian > Дзевяць прычын, чаму Польшча не «дачка» Рэчы Паспалітай Dzieviać pryčyn, čamu Polšča nie «dačka» Rečy Paspalitaj [Ninereasons why Poland is not a "daughter"of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth]

Media contributions

TitleДзевяць прычын, чаму Польшча не «дачка» Рэчы Паспалітай
Degree of recognitionInternational
Media name/outletРадыё Свабода
Media typeWeb
CountryCzech Republic
Producer/AuthorМХ and ІВ
PersonsTomasz Kamusella

ID: 259209971