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  1. MDUK and Diana, Countess Lindsay, visit the Sleeman lab at the BSRC

    Judith Elizabeth Sleeman


    • Media coverage: Evening Telegraph
    • Media coverage: Courier and Advertiser (Dundee, Fife and Perthshire editions)

    Press/Media: Other

  2. St Andrews scientists’ breakthrough on common genetic cause of infant death

    Judith Elizabeth Sleeman


    • Media coverage: Muscular Dystrophy UK
    • Media coverage: Dundee Courier
    • Media coverage: MedicalXpress
    • Media coverage: Health Canal

    Press/Media: Research

  3. Brain experts warning: search engines could damage your grey matter

    Frank J Gunn-Moore


    • Media contribution: Sunday Post

    Press/Media: Research

  4. The people who listen to whales

    Patrick Miller


    • Media contribution: BBC

    Press/Media: Other

  5. Navy efforts to protect whales have limited effect

    Patrick Miller & Paul Jacobus Wensveen


    • Media coverage:

    Press/Media: Research

  6. Tracking is 90% catching

    Will Cresswell


    • Media contribution: British Ornithologists Union (BOU)

    Press/Media: Research

  7. Interview: Traveler of the Earth, migratory birds, and their conservation

    Will Cresswell


    • Media contribution: Econetworks Japan

    Press/Media: Other

  8. Popular science article published in The Conversation

    Julie Harris


    • Media coverage: The Conversation

    Press/Media: Research