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Shadow of the Sun King

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 was interviewed by Andrew Green for this two-part series on the history of Louis XIV of France - and Louis' importance for the British Isles - in March 2015 for around 90 minutes, which interview was recorded. Several extracts of my interview were subsequently broadcast in the two-part programme "Shadow of the Sun King" on 3rd and 12th June 2015, with the programme led by Professor Julian Swann of Birkbeck London. Each programme was 28 minutes long, and contained a general narration by Swann interspersed with extracts of interviews with French, British and American historians. My recorded interview and discussion also helped Andrew Green  resolve some outstanding historical issues in his mind, and contributed towards his preparation of this programme. I was contacted by Andrew Green as a result of strong recommendations about my research expertise made by a number of other 17th and 18th century historians in other UK universities.

Media contributions

TitleShadow of the Sun King
Degree of recognitionInternational
Media name/outletBBC Radio 4
Media typeRadio
CountryUnited Kingdom
PersonsGuy Robert Rowlands, Andrew Green

ID: 255918897