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  1. Fluorinated cyclopropanes: Synthesis and chemistry of the aryl α,β,β-trifluorocyclopropane motif (dataset)

    Thomson, C. (Creator), Zhang, Q. (Creator), Al-Maharik, N. (Creator), Buehl, M. (Creator), Cordes, D. B. (Creator), Slawin, A. M. Z. (Creator), O'Hagan, D. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 17 Jul 2018


  2. A transiting rocky planet at 6.5pc from the Sun (Motalebi+ 2015)

    Motalebi, F. (Creator), Udry, S. (Creator), Gillon, M. (Creator), Lovis, C. (Creator), Segransan, D. (Creator), Buchhave, L. A. (Creator), Demory, B. O. (Creator), Malavolta, L. (Creator), Dressing, C. D. (Creator), Sasselov, D. (Creator), Rice, K. (Creator), Charbonneau, D. (Creator), Cameron, A. C. (Creator), Latham, D. (Creator), Molinari, E. (Creator), Pepe, F. (Creator), Affer, L. (Creator), Bonomo, A. S. (Creator), Cosentino, R. (Creator), Dumusque, X. (Creator), Figueira, P. (Creator), Fiorenzano, A. F. M. (Creator), Gettel, S. (Creator), Harutyunyan, A. (Creator), Haywood, R. D. (Creator), Johnson, J. (Creator), Lopez, E. (Creator), Lopez-Morales, M. (Creator), Mayor, M. (Creator), Micela, G. (Creator), Mortier, A. (Creator), Nascimbeni, V. (Creator), Philips, D. (Creator), Piotto, G. (Creator), Pollacco, D. (Creator), Queloz, D. (Creator), Sozzetti, A. (Creator), Vanderburg, A. (Creator), Watson, C. A. (Creator), Strasbourg astronomical Data Center, 15 Oct 2015


  3. WAIS Divide Ice-Core Aerosol Records from 1300 to 3404 m

    McConnell, J. R. (Creator), U.S. Antarctic Program Data Center, 2017


  4. 1,2,5-Selenadiazolo[3,4-b]pyrazines: synthesis from 3,4-Diamino-1,2,5-selenadiazole and Generation of Persistent Radical Anions (dataset)

    Konstantinova, L. S. (Creator), Bobkova, I. E. (Creator), Nelyubina, Y. V. (Creator), Chulanova, E. A. (Creator), Irtegova, I. G. (Creator), Vasilieva, N. V. (Creator), Sanz Camacho, P. (Creator), Ashbrook, S. E. M. (Creator), Hua, G. (Creator), Slawin, A. M. Z. (Creator), Woollins, J. D. (Creator), Zibarev, A. V. (Creator), Rakitin, O. A. (Creator), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 2015


  5. 17O Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy of A2B2O7 Oxides: Quantitative Isotopic Enrichment and Spectral Acquisition? (dataset)

    Fernandes, A. (Creator), Moran, R. (Creator), Sneddon, S. (Creator), Dawson, D. M. (Creator), McKay, D. (Creator), Bignami, G. P. M. (Creator), Blanc, F. (Creator), Whittle, K. R. (Creator), Ashbrook, S. E. M. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 15 Feb 2018


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