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  1. Simultaneous neutron powder diffraction and microwave dielectric studies of ammonia absorption in metal-organic framework systems (dataset)

    Barter, M. (Creator), Hartley, J. (Creator), Yazigi, F. (Creator), Marshall, R. J. (Creator), Forgan, R. S. (Creator), Porch, A. (Creator) & Jones, M. O. (Creator), University of Cardiff, 20 Feb 2019


  2. A transiting rocky planet at 6.5pc from the Sun (Motalebi+ 2015)

    Motalebi, F. (Creator), Udry, S. (Creator), Gillon, M. (Creator), Lovis, C. (Creator), Segransan, D. (Creator), Buchhave, L. A. (Creator), Demory, B. O. (Creator), Malavolta, L. (Creator), Dressing, C. D. (Creator), Sasselov, D. (Creator), Rice, K. (Creator), Charbonneau, D. (Creator), Cameron, A. C. (Creator), Latham, D. (Creator), Molinari, E. (Creator), Pepe, F. (Creator), Affer, L. (Creator), Bonomo, A. S. (Creator), Cosentino, R. (Creator), Dumusque, X. (Creator), Figueira, P. (Creator), Fiorenzano, A. F. M. (Creator), Gettel, S. (Creator), Harutyunyan, A. (Creator), Haywood, R. D. (Creator), Johnson, J. (Creator), Lopez, E. (Creator), Lopez-Morales, M. (Creator), Mayor, M. (Creator), Micela, G. (Creator), Mortier, A. (Creator), Nascimbeni, V. (Creator), Philips, D. (Creator), Piotto, G. (Creator), Pollacco, D. (Creator), Queloz, D. (Creator), Sozzetti, A. (Creator), Vanderburg, A. (Creator) & Watson, C. A. (Creator), Strasbourg astronomical Data Center, 15 Oct 2015


  3. James Montgomery' thesis

    Montgomery, J. (Creator), Westwood, N. J. (Supervisor) & Lebl, T. (Supervisor), University of St Andrews, Oct 2020


  4. Solvent dependent disorder in M2(BzOip)2(H2O)·solvate (M = Co or Zn) (dataset)

    McCormick, L. J. (Creator), Morris, S. A. (Creator), Teat, S. J. (Creator), Slawin, A. M. Z. (Creator) & Morris, R. E. (Creator), Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre, 2017


  5. WAIS Divide Ice-Core Aerosol Records from 1300 to 3404 m

    McConnell, J. R. (Creator) & Burke, A. (Other), U.S. Antarctic Program Data Center, 2017


  6. "Is Laser Repetition Rate Important for Two-Photon Light Sheet Microscopy?" (dataset)

    Gasparoli, F. M. (Creator), Escobet Montalban, A. (Creator), Early, J. (Creator), Bruce, G. D. (Creator) & Dholakia, K. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2020


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