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  1. An acoustic spatially explicit capture-recapture method for estimating vocalising amphibian density.

    Measey, G. J., Scott (tanya scott), T., Borchers, D. L., Stevenson, B., Altwegg, R., Swift, R., Gillespie, D., SAEON Data Repository, 1 Dec 2016


  2. Data from: Assessing cetacean surveys throughout the Mediterranean Sea: a gap analysis in environmental space

    Mannocci, L., Roberts, J. J., Halpin, P. N., Authier, M., Boisseau, O., Bradai, M. N., Cañadas, A., Chicote, C., David, L., Di-Méglio, N., Fortuna, C. M., Frantzis, A., Gazo, M., Genov, T., Hammond, P. S., Holcer, D., Kaschner, K., Kerem, D., Lauriano, G., Lewis, T., Notarbartolo di Sciara, G., Panigada, S., Antonio Raga, J., Scheinin, A., Ridoux, V., Vella, A., Vella, J., Dryad, 15 Feb 2018


  3. Data from: Distance sampling with camera traps

    Howe, E. J., Buckland, S. T., Després-Einspenner (Marie-Lyne Despres-Einspenner), M., Kühl (Hjalmar Kuhn), H., Dryad, 15 May 2017


  4. Data from: Individual variation in male reproductive behaviour is linked to temporal heterogeneity in predation risk

    Barbosa, M., Deacon, A. E., Janeiro Silva, M. J., Ramnarine, I., Morrissey, M. B., Magurran, A., University of St Andrews, 4 Dec 2017


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