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  1. A general framework for animal density estimation from acoustic detections across a fixed microphone array (dataset)

    Stevenson, B. (Creator), Borchers, D. L. (Creator), Altwegg, R. (Creator), Swift, R. J. (Creator), Gillespie, D. M. (Creator), Measey, G. (Creator), GitHub, 29 Jun 2017


  2. Data for: Predicting the effects of polychlorinated biphenyls on cetacean populations through impacts on immunity and calf survival.

    Hall, A. J. (Creator), McConnell, B. J. (Creator), Schwacke, L. H. (Creator), Ylitalo, G. M. (Creator), Williams (Robert Williams), R. (Creator), Rowles, T. K. (Creator), Mendeley Data, 6 Nov 2017


  3. Data from: Aquatic behaviour of polar bears (Ursus maritimus) in an increasingly ice-free Arctic

    Lone, K. (Creator), Kovacs, K. M. (Creator), Lydersen, C. (Creator), Fedak, M. (Creator), Andersen, M. (Creator), Lovell, P. (Creator), Aars, J. (Creator), Norwegian Polar Institute, 26 Jun 2018


  4. Data from: Assessing cetacean surveys throughout the Mediterranean Sea: a gap analysis in environmental space

    Mannocci, L. (Creator), Roberts, J. J. (Creator), Halpin, P. N. (Creator), Authier, M. (Creator), Boisseau, O. (Creator), Bradai, M. N. (Creator), Cañadas, A. (Creator), Chicote, C. (Creator), David, L. (Creator), Di-Méglio, N. (Creator), Fortuna, C. M. (Creator), Frantzis, A. (Creator), Gazo, M. (Creator), Genov, T. (Creator), Hammond, P. S. (Creator), Holcer, D. (Creator), Kaschner, K. (Creator), Kerem, D. (Creator), Lauriano, G. (Creator), Lewis, T. (Creator), Notarbartolo di Sciara, G. (Creator), Panigada, S. (Creator), Antonio Raga, J. (Creator), Scheinin, A. (Creator), Ridoux, V. (Creator), Vella, A. (Creator), Vella, J. (Creator), Dryad, 15 Feb 2018


  5. Data from: Effects of age and reproductive status on individual foraging site fidelity in a long-lived marine predator

    Votier, S. C. (Creator), Fayet, A. L. (Creator), Bearhop, S. (Creator), Bodey, T. W. (Creator), Clark, B. L. (Creator), Grecian, J. (Creator), Guilford, T. (Creator), Hamer, K. C. (Creator), Jeglinski, J. W. E. (Creator), Morgan, G. (Creator), Wakefield, E. (Creator), Patrick, S. C. (Creator), Dryad, 20 Jun 2017


  6. Data from: From the track to the ocean: using flow control to improve marine bio-logging tags for cetaceans

    Fiore, G. (Creator), Anderson, E. (Creator), Garborg, C. S. (Creator), Murray, M. (Creator), Johnson, M. (Creator), Moore (Michael J Moore), M. J. (Creator), Howle, L. (Creator), Shorter, K. A. (Creator), Dryad, 15 Mar 2017


  7. Data from: Harbour seals avoid tidal turbine noise: implications for collision risk

    Hastie, G. D. (Creator), Russell, D. J. (Creator), Lepper, P. (Creator), Elliott, J. (Creator), Wilson, B. (Creator), Benjamins, S. (Creator), Thompson, D. (Creator), Dryad, 27 Jul 2017


  8. Data from: High suckling rates and acoustic crypsis of humpback whale neonates maximise potential for mother–calf energy transfer

    Videsen, S. K. A. (Creator), Bejder, L. (Creator), Johnson, M. (Creator), Madsen, P. T. (Creator), Dryad, 22 May 2017


  9. Data from: Hooded seal Cystophora cristata foraging areas in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean - investigated using three complementary methods

    Vacquie-Garcia, J. (Creator), Lydersen, C. (Creator), Biuw, M. (Creator), Haug, T. (Creator), Fedak, M. (Creator), Kovacs (Kit Kovacs), K. M. (Creator), Norwegian Polar Institute, 3 Nov 2017


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