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  1. Data from: Effects of age and reproductive status on individual foraging site fidelity in a long-lived marine predator

    Votier, S. C. (Creator), Fayet, A. L. (Creator), Bearhop, S. (Creator), Bodey, T. W. (Creator), Clark, B. L. (Creator), Grecian, J. (Creator), Guilford, T. (Creator), Hamer, K. C. (Creator), Jeglinski, J. W. E. (Creator), Morgan, G. (Creator), Wakefield, E. (Creator), Patrick, S. C. (Creator), Dryad, 20 Jun 2017


  2. Data from: Harbour seals avoid tidal turbine noise: implications for collision risk

    Hastie, G. D. (Creator), Russell, D. J. (Creator), Lepper, P. (Creator), Elliott, J. (Creator), Wilson, B. (Creator), Benjamins, S. (Creator), Thompson, D. (Creator), Dryad, 27 Jul 2017


  3. Data from: High suckling rates and acoustic crypsis of humpback whale neonates maximise potential for mother–calf energy transfer

    Videsen, S. K. A. (Creator), Bejder, L. (Creator), Johnson, M. (Creator), Madsen, P. T. (Creator), Dryad, 22 May 2017


  4. Data from: Seabird diversity hotspot linked to ocean productivity in the Canary Current Large Marine Ecosystem

    Grecian, J. (Creator), Witt, M. J. (Creator), Attrill, M. J. (Creator), Bearhop, S. (Creator), Becker, P. H. (Creator), Egevang, C. (Creator), Furness, R. W. (Creator), Godley, B. J. (Creator), González-Solís, J. (Creator), Grémillet, D. (Creator), Kopp, M. (Creator), Lescroël, A. (Creator), Matthiopoulos, J. (Creator), Patrick, S. C. (Creator), Peter, H. (Creator), Phillips, R. A. (Creator), Stenhouse, I. J. (Creator), Voltier, S. C. (Creator), Dryad, 15 Jul 2016


  5. Delphinids – Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, 2010-2017

    Frasier, K. E. (Creator), Wiggins, S. M. (Creator), Harris, D. (Creator), Marques, T. A. (Creator), Thomas, L. (Creator), Hildebrand, J. A. (Creator), GRIIDC, 2016


  6. Impact of wild prey availability on livestock predation by snow leopards (dataset)

    Suryawanshi, K. R. (Creator), Redpath, S. M. (Creator), Bhatnagar, Y. V. (Creator), Ramakrishnan, U. (Creator), Chaturvedi, V. (Creator), Smout, S. C. (Creator), Mishra, C. (Creator), Dryad, 11 May 2017


  7. Seals and shipping: quantifying population risk and individual exposure to vessel noise (datasets)

    Jones, E. L. (Creator), Hastie, G. D. (Creator), Smout, S. C. (Creator), Onoufriou, J. (Creator), Merchant, N. (Creator), Brookes, K. (Creator), Thompson, D. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 27 Apr 2017


  8. The devil is in the detail: quantifying vocal variation in a complex, multi-levelled, and rapidly evolving display (dataset)

    Garland, E. C. (Creator), Rendell, L. E. (Creator), Lilley, M. (Creator), Poole, M. M. (Creator), Allen, J. (Creator), Noad, M. J. (Creator), Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 2017