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  1. Data from: Distance sampling with camera traps

    Howe, E. J., Buckland, S. T., Després-Einspenner (Marie-Lyne Despres-Einspenner), M., Kühl (Hjalmar Kuhn), H., Dryad, 15 May 2017


  2. Data from: Individual variation in male reproductive behaviour is linked to temporal heterogeneity in predation risk

    Barbosa, M., Deacon, A. E., Janeiro Silva, M. J., Ramnarine, I., Morrissey, M. B., Magurran, A., University of St Andrews, 4 Dec 2017


  3. Data from: Low migratory connectivity is common in long-distance migrant birds

    Finch, T., Butler (Simon Butler), S. J., Franco (Aldina Franco), A. M. A., Cresswell, W., Dryad, 17 Jan 2017


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