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  1. A fruit diet rather than invertebrate diet maintains a robust innate immunity in an omnivorous tropical songbird (dataset)

    Nwaogu, C. J. (Creator), Galema, A. (Creator), Cresswell, W. (Creator), Dietz, M. W. (Creator) & Tieleman, B. I. (Creator), Dryad, 2020


  2. A general framework for animal density estimation from acoustic detections across a fixed microphone array (dataset)

    Stevenson, B. (Creator), Borchers, D. L. (Creator), Altwegg, R. (Creator), Swift, R. J. (Creator), Gillespie, D. M. (Creator) & Measey, G. J. (Creator), GitHub, 29 Jun 2017


  3. A new integrated approach to taxonomy: the fusion of molecular and morphological systematics with type material in benthic foraminifera (dataset)

    Roberts, A. D. (Creator), Austin, W. (Creator), Evans, K. (Creator), Bird, C. (Creator), Schweizer, M. (Creator) & Darling, K. (Creator), EMBL-EBI, 21 Jul 2016


  4. A spatiotemporal multispecies model of a semicontinuous response (dataset)

    Jones-Todd, C. M. (Creator), Swallow, B. T. (Creator), Illian, J. B. (Creator) & Toms, M. (Creator), GitHub, 8 Sep 2017


  5. A workflow used to design low density SNP panels for parentage assignment and traceability in aquaculture species and its validation in Atlantic salmon (dataset)

    Holman, L. (Creator), Garcia de la Serrana Castillo, D. (Creator), Onoufriou, A. (Creator), Hillestad, B. (Creator) & Johnston, I. A. (Creator), European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), 29 Nov 2016


  6. Accounting for stochasticity in demographic compensation along the elevational range of an alpine plant (dataset)

    Andrello, M. (Creator), de Villemereuil, P. (Creator), Carboni, M. (Creator), Busson, D. (Creator), Fortin, M. (Creator), Gaggiotti, O. E. (Creator) & Till-Bottraud, I. (Creator), GitHub, 2020


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