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  1. Avoidance of host resistance in the oviposition-site preferences of rose bitterling (dataset)

    Rouchet, R. (Creator), Smith, C. (Creator), Liu, H. (Creator), Methling, C. (Creator), Douda, K. (Creator), Yu, D. (Creator), Tang, Q. (Creator), Reichard, M. (Creator), Figshare, 2017


  2. Data from: Harbour seals avoid tidal turbine noise: implications for collision risk

    Hastie, G. D. (Creator), Russell, D. J. (Creator), Lepper, P. (Creator), Elliott, J. (Creator), Wilson, B. (Creator), Benjamins, S. (Creator), Thompson, D. (Creator), Dryad, 27 Jul 2017


  3. Data underpinning : Bayesian Spatial NBDA for diffusion data with home-base coordinates

    Evans, G. F. (Creator), Laland, K. N. (Creator), Nightingale, P. (Creator), Hoppitt, W. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2015


  4. Data underpinning: Light-sheet microscopy with attenuation-compensated propagation-invariant beams

    Nylk, J. (Creator), McCluskey, K. A. (Creator), Preciado, M. (Creator), Mazilu, M. (Creator), Gunn-Moore, F. J. (Creator), Aggarwal, S. (Creator), Tello, J. A. (Creator), Ferrier, D. E. K. (Creator), Dholakia, K. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 7 Aug 2017


  5. Dataset associated with the publication "The characteristics of billows associated with internal solitray waves".

    Carr, M. (Creator), Franklin, J. (Creator), King, S. E. (Creator), Davies, P. (Creator), Grue, J. (Creator), Dritschel, D. G. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2 Feb 2017


  6. Delphinids – Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, 2010-2017

    Frasier, K. E. (Creator), Wiggins, S. M. (Creator), Harris, D. (Creator), Marques, T. A. (Creator), Thomas, L. (Creator), Hildebrand, J. A. (Creator), GRIIDC, 2016


  7. Draft genome of European bison (wisent), Bison bonasus

    Wang, K. (Creator), Wang, L. (Creator), Lenstra, J. A. (Creator), Jian, J. (Creator), Yang, Y. (Creator), Hu, Q. (Creator), Lai, D. (Creator), Qiu, Q. (Creator), Ma, T. (Creator), Du, Z. (Creator), Abbott, R. J. (Creator), Liu, J. (Creator), GigaDB, 7 Mar 2017


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