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  1. Calculation and Experimental Measurement of Paramagnetic NMR Parameters of Phenolic Oximate Cu(II) Complexes (dataset)

    Dawson, D. M. (Creator), Ke, Z. (Creator), Mack, F. M. (Creator), Doyle, R. A. (Creator), Bignami, G. P. M. (Creator), Smellie, I. (Creator), Buehl, M. (Creator), Ashbrook, S. E. M. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2017


  2. STA-20: An ABC-6 Zeotype Structure Prepared by Co-Templating and Solved via a Hypothetical Structure Database and STEM-ADF Imaging (Dataset)

    Turrina, A. (Creator), Garcia, R. (Creator), Watts, A. E. (Creator), Greer, H. F. (Creator), Bradley, J. (Creator), Zhou, W. (Creator), Cox, P. A. (Creator), Shannon, M. D. (Creator), Mayoral, A. (Creator), Casci, J. (Creator), Wright, P. A. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 24 Feb 2017