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  1. A fruit diet rather than invertebrate diet maintains a robust innate immunity in an omnivorous tropical songbird (dataset)

    Nwaogu, C. J. (Creator), Galema, A. (Creator), Cresswell, W. (Creator), Dietz, M. W. (Creator) & Tieleman, B. I. (Creator), Dryad, 2020


  2. An open resource for non-human primate imaging (PRIME-DE data release)

    Milham, M. P. (Creator), Ai, L. (Creator), Koo, B. (Creator), Xu, T. (Creator), Amiez, C. (Creator), Balezeau, F. (Creator), Baxter, M. G. (Creator), Blezer, E. L. A. (Creator), Brochier, T. (Creator), Chen, A. (Creator), Croxson, P. L. (Creator), Damatac, C. G. (Creator), Dehaene, S. (Creator), Everling, S. (Creator), Fair, D. A. (Creator), Fleysher, L. (Creator), Freiwald, W. (Creator), Froudist-Walsh, S. (Creator), Griffiths, T. D. (Creator), Guedj, C. (Creator), Hadj-Bouziane, F. (Creator), Ben Hamed, S. (Creator), Harel, N. (Creator), Hiba, B. (Creator), Jarraya, B. (Creator), Jung, B. (Creator), Kastner, S. (Creator), Klink, P. C. (Creator), Kwok, S. C. (Creator), Laland, K. N. (Data Collector), Leopold, D. A. (Creator), Lindenfors, P. (Creator), Mars, R. B. (Creator), Menon, R. S. (Creator), Messinger, A. (Creator), Meunier, M. (Creator), Mok, K. (Creator), Morrison, J. H. (Creator), Nacef, J. (Creator), Nagy, J. (Creator), Rios, M. O. (Creator), Petkov, C. I. (Creator), Pinsk, M. (Creator), Poirier, C. (Creator), Procyk, E. (Creator), Rajimehr, R. (Creator), Reader, S. M. (Creator), Roelfsema, P. R. (Creator), Rudko, D. A. (Creator), Rushworth, M. F. S. (Creator), Russ, B. E. (Creator), Sallet, J. (Creator), Schmid, M. C. (Creator), Schwiedrzik, C. M. (Creator), Seidlitz, J. (Creator), Sein, J. (Creator), Shmuel, A. (Creator), Sullivan, E. L. (Creator), Ungerleider, L. (Creator), Thiele, A. (Creator), Todorov, O. S. (Creator), Tsao, D. (Creator), Wang, Z. (Creator), Wilson, C. R. E. (Creator), Yacoub, E. (Creator), Ye, F. Q. (Creator), Zarco, W. (Creator), Zhou, Y. (Creator), Margulies, D. S. (Creator) & Schroeder, C. E. (Creator), Neuroimaging Informatics Tools and Resources Clearinghouse, 2018


  3. Body size as a driver of scavenging in theropod dinosaurs (dataset)

    Kane, A. (Creator), Healy, K. (Creator) & Ruxton, G. D. (Creator), Dryad, 2016


  4. Calibrating animal-borne proximity loggers (dataset)

    Rutz, C. (Creator), Burns, Z. (Creator), Burt, J. (Creator), Otis, B. (Creator) & James, R. (Creator), Dryad, 2015


  5. Coevolution of cultural intelligence, extended life history, sociality, and brain size in primates (dataset)

    Street, S. E. (Creator), Navarrete, A. F. (Creator), Reader , S. M. (Creator) & Laland, K. N. (Creator), Dryad, 2017


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