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  1. A transiting rocky planet at 6.5pc from the Sun (Motalebi+ 2015)

    Motalebi, F., Udry, S., Gillon, M., Lovis, C., Segransan, D., Buchhave, L. A., Demory, B. O., Malavolta, L., Dressing, C. D., Sasselov, D., Rice, K., Charbonneau, D., Cameron, A. C., Latham, D., Molinari, E., Pepe, F., Affer, L., Bonomo, A. S., Cosentino, R., Dumusque, X., Figueira, P., Fiorenzano, A. F. M., Gettel, S., Harutyunyan, A., Haywood, R. D., Johnson, J., Lopez, E., Lopez-Morales, M., Mayor, M., Micela, G., Mortier, A., Nascimbeni, V., Philips, D., Piotto, G., Pollacco, D., Queloz, D., Sozzetti, A., Vanderburg, A., Watson, C. A., Strasbourg astronomical Data Center, 15 Oct 2015


  2. Atmos

    Arney, G., Domagal-Goldman, S. D., Meadows, V. S., Wolf, E. T., Schwieterman, E., Charnay, B., Claire, M., Hébrard, E., Trainer, M. G., The Virtual Planetary Laboratory, 2016


  3. Can planet formation resolve the dust budget crisis in high-redshift galaxies? (dataset)

    Forgan, D., Rowlands (Kate Elizabeth Rowlands), K., Gomez, H. L., Gomez, E. L., Schofield, S. P., Dunne, L., Maddox (S Maddox), S., GitHub, 11 Aug 2017


  4. Data Release Notes K2 Campaign 4

    David, T. J., Stauffer, J., Hillenbrand , L. A., Cody, A. M., Conroy, K., Stassun, K. G., Pope, B., Aigrain, S., Gillen, E., Cameron, A. C., Barrado, D., Rebull, L. M., Isaacson, H., Marcy, G. W., Zhang, C., Riddle, R. L., Ziegler, C., Law, N. M., Baranec, C., University of St Andrews, 1 Sep 2015


  5. EBLM J0555-57 photometry and RV

    Von Boetticher, A., Triaud, A. H., Queloz, D., Gill, S., Lendl, M., Delrez, L., Anderson, D. R., Cameron, A. C., Faedi, F., Gillon, M., Chew, Y. G. M., Hebb, L., Hellier, C., Jehin, E., Maxted, P. F., Martin, D. V., Pepe, F., Pollacco, D., Ségransan, D., Smalley, B., Udry, S., West, R., VizieR On-line Data Catalog, 2017


  6. FASMA - Fast Analysis of Spectra Made Automatically

    Andreasen, D. T., Sousa, S. G., Tsantaki, M., Teixeira, G. D. C., Mortier, A., Santos, N. C., Suárez-Andrés, L., Delgado-Mena, E., Ferreira, A. C. S., University of St Andrews, 2016


  7. Microlensing constraints on the mass of single stars from HST astrometric measurements (dataset)

    Kains, N., Calamida, A., Sahu, K. C., Casertano, S., Anderson, J., Udalski, A., Zoccali, M., Bond, H., Albrow, M., Bond, I., Brown, T., Dominik, M., Fryer, C., Livio, M., Mao, S., Rejkuba, M., The Mikulski Archive for Space Telescopes (MAST), 2 May 2017


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