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  1. Low threshold polariton lasing in a highly disordered conjugated polymer (dataset)

    Wei, M. (Creator), Rajendran, S. K. (Creator), Ohadi, H. (Creator), Tropf, L. C. (Creator), Gather, M. C. (Creator), Turnbull, G. A. (Creator), Samuel, I. D. W. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 11 Jul 2019


  2. Strong light-matter coupling for reduced photon energy losses in organic photovoltaics (dataset)

    Nikolis, V. C. (Creator), Mischok, A. (Creator), Siegmund, B. (Creator), Benduhn, J. (Creator), Hörmann, U. (Creator), Neher, D. (Creator), Gather, M. C. (Creator), Spoltore, D. (Creator), Vandewal, K. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 21 Aug 2019