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Research at St Andrews

Bioacoustics group

  1. A general framework for animal density estimation from acoustic detections across a fixed microphone array (dataset)

    Stevenson, B. (Creator), Borchers, D. L. (Creator), Altwegg, R. (Creator), Swift, R. J. (Creator), Gillespie, D. M. (Creator) & Measey, G. J. (Creator), GitHub, 29 Jun 2017


  2. Data from: A 2.6-gram sound and movement tag for studying the acoustic scene and kinematics of echolocating bats

    Stidsholt, L. (Creator), Johnson, M. (Creator), Beedholm, K. (Creator), Jakobsen, L. (Creator), Kugler, K. (Creator), Brinkløv, S. (Creator), Salles, A. (Creator), Moss, C. F. (Creator) & Teglberg Madsen, P. (Creator), Dryad, 16 Oct 2018


  3. Data from: Discrimination of fast click series produced by tagged Risso’s dolphins (Grampus griseus) for echolocation or communication

    Arranz Alonso, P. (Creator), De Ruiter, S. L. (Creator), Stimpert, A. K. (Creator), Neves, S. (Creator), Friedlaender, A. S. (Creator), Goldbogen, J. A. (Creator), Visser, F. (Creator), Calambokidis, J. (Creator), Southall, B. L. (Creator) & Tyack, P. L. (Creator), Dryad, 27 Aug 2016


  4. Data from: Effects of impulsive noise on marine mammals: investigating range-dependent risk

    Hastie, G. D. (Creator), Merchant, N. (Creator), Goetz, T. (Creator), Russell, D. J. (Creator), Thompson, P. (Creator) & Janik, V. (Creator), Dryad, 2019


  5. Data from: From the track to the ocean: using flow control to improve marine bio-logging tags for cetaceans

    Fiore, G. (Creator), Anderson, E. (Creator), Garborg, C. S. (Creator), Murray, M. (Creator), Johnson, M. (Creator), Moore (Michael J Moore), M. J. (Creator), Howle, L. (Creator) & Shorter, K. A. (Creator), Dryad, 15 Mar 2017


  6. Data from: High suckling rates and acoustic crypsis of humpback whale neonates maximise potential for mother–calf energy transfer

    Videsen, S. K. A. (Creator), Bejder, L. (Creator), Johnson, M. (Creator) & Madsen, P. T. (Creator), Dryad, 22 May 2017


  7. Data from: Northern bottlenose whales in a pristine environment respond strongly to close and distant navy sonar signals

    Wensveen, P. J. (Creator), Isojunno, S. (Creator), Hansen, R. R. (Creator), Benda-beckmann, A. M. V. (Creator), Kleivane, L. (Creator), Ijsselmuide, S. V. (Creator), Lam, F. A. (Creator), Kvadsheim, P. H. (Creator), Deruiter, S. L. (Creator), Curé, C. (Creator), Narazaki, T. (Creator), Tyack, P. L. (Creator) & Miller, P. J. (Creator), Dryad, 25 Feb 2019


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