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Centre for Biological Diversity

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  1. Data from: Opposing patterns of intraspecific and interspecific differentiation in sex chromosomes and autosomes

    Moran, P. (Creator), Pascoal, S. C. M. (Creator), Cezard, T. (Creator), Risse, J. (Creator), Ritchie, M. G. (Creator), Bailey, N. W. (Creator), Dryad, 17 May 2018


  2. Data from: Species richness change across spatial scales

    Chase, J. M. (Creator), McGill, B. J. (Creator), Thompson, P. L. (Creator), Henriques Antao, L. I. (Creator), Bates, A. E. (Creator), Blowes, S. A. (Creator), Dornelas, M. (Creator), Gonzalez, A. (Creator), Magurran, A. (Creator), Supp, S. R. (Creator), Winter, M. (Creator), Bjorkman, A. D. (Creator), Bruelheide, H. (Creator), Byrnes, J. E. K. (Creator), Cabral, J. S. (Creator), Elahi, R. (Creator), Gomez, C. (Creator), Guzman, H. M. (Creator), Isbell, F. (Creator), Myers-Smith, I. H. (Creator), Jones, H. P. (Creator), Hines, J. (Creator), Vellend, M. (Creator), Waldock, C. (Creator), O'Connor, M. (Creator), Dryad, 8 May 2019


  3. Data from: The coevolution of innovation and technical intelligence in primates

    Navarrete Rodriguez, A. F. (Creator), Reader, S. M. (Creator), Street, S. E. (Creator), Whalen, A. C. Z. (Creator), Laland, K. N. (Creator), Dryad, 3 Mar 2016


  4. Differential gene expression is not required for facultative sex allocation: a transcriptome analysis of brain tissue in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis (dataset)

    Cook, N. (Creator), Boulton, R. (Creator), Green, J. (Creator), Trivedi, U. (Creator), Tauber, E. (Creator), Pannebakker, B. A. (Creator), Ritchie, M. G. (Creator), Shuker, D. M. (Creator), National Center for Biotechnology Information, 11 Jan 2018



ID: 16799389