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Research at St Andrews

Gillespie Group

  1. Data Underpinning: "Label-free optical vibrational spectroscopy to detect the metabolic state of M. tuberculosis cells at the site of disease"

    Baron, V. (Contributor), Chen, M. (Creator), Clark, S. O. (Contributor), Williams, A. (Contributor), Hammond, R. (Contributor), Dholakia, K. (Contributor) & Gillespie, S. H. (Contributor), University of St Andrews, 5 Sep 2017


  2. Data underpinning: Real-time monitoring of live mycobacteria with a microfluidic acoustic-Raman platform

    Baron, V. O. (Creator), Chen, M. (Creator), Hammarstrom, B. (Creator), Hammond, R. (Creator), Glynne-Jones, P. (Creator), Gillespie, S. H. (Creator) & Dholakia, K. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 30 Apr 2020


  3. Genotypic diversity is associated with clinical outcome and phenotype in cryptococcal meningitis across Southern Africa (dataset)

    Beale, M. A. (Creator), Sabiiti, W. (Creator), Robertson, E. J. (Creator), Fuentes-Cabrejo, K. M. (Creator), O'Hanlon, S. J. (Creator), Jarvis, J. N. (Creator), Loyse, A. (Creator), Meintjes, G. (Creator), Harrison, T. S. (Creator), May, R. C. (Creator), Fisher, M. C. (Creator) & Bicanic, T. (Creator), The European Bioinformatics Institute, 11 Jun 2015


  4. Profiling persistent tubercule bacilli from patient sputa during therapy predicts early drug efficacy (dataset)

    Honeyborne, I. (Creator), McHugh, T. D. (Creator), Kuittinen, I. (Creator), Cichonska, A. (Creator), Evangelopoulos, D. (Creator), Ronacher, K. (Creator), van Helden, P. D. (Creator), Gillespie, S. H. (Creator), Fernandez-Reyes, D. (Creator), Walzl, G. (Creator), Rousu, J. (Creator), Butcher, P. D. (Creator) & Waddell, S. J. (Creator), EMBL-EBI, 12 Apr 2016



ID: 53272227