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Research at St Andrews

School of Biology

  1. A general framework for animal density estimation from acoustic detections across a fixed microphone array (dataset)

    Stevenson, B. (Creator), Borchers, D. L. (Creator), Altwegg, R. (Creator), Swift, R. J. (Creator), Gillespie, D. M. (Creator), Measey, G. J. (Creator), GitHub, 29 Jun 2017


  2. A periplasmic depolymerase provides new insight into ABC transporter-dependent secretion of bacterial capsular polysaccharides (PDB entry 6FI2)

    Naismith, J. H. (Creator), McMahon, S. A. (Creator), Le Bas, A. (Creator), Liston, S. D. (Creator), Whitfield, C. (Creator), Protein Data Bank (PDB), 22 May 2018


  3. A workflow used to design low density SNP panels for parentage assignment and traceability in aquaculture species and its validation in Atlantic salmon (dataset)

    Holman, L. (Creator), Garcia de la Serrana Castillo, D. (Creator), Onoufriou, A. (Creator), Hillestad, B. (Creator), Johnston, I. A. (Creator), European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), 29 Nov 2016


  4. ATP phosphoribosyltransferase (HisZG ATPPRT) from Psychrobacter arcticus (PDB entry 5M8H)

    Stroek, R. (Creator), Ge, Y. (Creator), Talbot, P. D. (Creator), Glok, M. K. (Creator), Bernas, K. E. (Creator), Thomson, C. M. (Creator), Gould, E. R. (Creator), Alphey, M. S. (Creator), Liu, H. (Creator), Florence, G. J. (Creator), Naismith, J. H. (Creator), Guimaraes da Silva, R. (Creator), Protein Data Bank (PDB), 6 Sep 2017


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