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Research at St Andrews

School of Earth & Environmental Sciences

  1. WAIS Divide Ice-Core Aerosol Records from 1300 to 3404 m

    McConnell, J. R. (Creator), U.S. Antarctic Program Data Center, 2017


  2. Acceleration of northern ice sheet melt induces AMOC slowdown and northern cooling in simulations of the early last deglaciation (dataset)

    Ivanovic, R. (Creator), Gregoire, L. (Creator), Burke, A. (Creator), Wickert, A. D. (Creator), Valdes, P. J. (Creator), Ng, H. C. (Creator), Robinson, L. F. (Creator), McManus, J. F. (Creator), Mitrovica, J. X. (Creator), Lee, L. (Creator), Dentith, J. E. (Creator), University of Leeds, 2018


  3. Atmos

    Arney, G. (Creator), Domagal-Goldman, S. D. (Creator), Meadows, V. S. (Creator), Wolf, E. T. (Creator), Schwieterman, E. (Creator), Charnay, B. (Creator), Claire, M. (Creator), Hébrard, E. (Creator), Trainer, M. G. (Creator), The Virtual Planetary Laboratory, 2016


  4. BACI: 2015 - 2019: Towards a biosphere atmosphere change index

    Klesse, S. (Creator), Babst, F. (Creator), Lienert, S. (Creator), Spahni, R. (Creator), Joos, F. (Creator), Bouriaud, O. (Creator), Carrer, M. (Creator), Di Filippo, A. (Creator), Poulter, B. (Creator), Trotsiuk, V. (Creator), Wilson, R. (Creator), Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry, 30 Aug 2018


  5. Boron isotope data on uranium-thorium dated Desmophyllum dianthus deep sea corals from the Southern Ocean over the last 40,000 years

    Rae, J. W. B. (Creator), Burke, A. (Creator), Robinson, L. F. (Creator), Adkins, J. F. (Creator), Chen, T. (Creator), Cole, C. S. (Creator), Greenop, R. (Creator), Li, T. (Creator), Littley, E. F. M. (Creator), Nita, D. C. (Creator), Stewart, J. A. (Creator), Taylor, B. J. (Creator), PANGAEA, 2018


  6. Climatic effect of Antarctic meltwater overwhelmed by concurrent Northern hemispheric melt

    Ivanovic, R. F. (Creator), Gregoire, L. J. (Creator), Wickert, A. D. (Creator), Burke, A. (Creator), University of Leeds, 5 Jul 2018


  7. Data underpinning - Causes of unrest at silicic calderas in the East African Rift: new constraints from InSAR and soil-gas chemistry at Aluto volcano, Ethiopia

    Hutchison, W. (Creator), Biggs, J. (Creator), Mather, T. A. (Creator), Pyle, D. M. (Creator), Lewi, E. (Creator), Yirgu, G. (Creator), Caliro, S. (Creator), Chiodini, G. (Creator), Clor, L. E. (Creator), Fischer, T. P. (Creator), Figshare, 2014


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