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  1. Last millennium Northern Hemisphere summer temperatures from tree rings (dataset)

    Anchukaitis, K. J. (Creator), Wilson, R. (Creator), Briffa, K. R. (Creator), Büntgen, U. (Creator), Cook, E. R. (Creator), D'Arrigo, R. (Creator), Davi, N. (Creator), Esper, J. (Creator), Frank, D. (Creator), Gunnarson, B. E. (Creator), Hegerl, G. (Creator), Helama, S. (Creator), Klesse, S. (Creator), Krusic, P. J. (Creator), Linderholm, H. W. (Creator), Myglan, V. (Creator), Osborn, T. J. (Creator), Zhang, P. (Creator), Rydval, M. (Creator), Schneider, L. (Creator), Schurer, A. (Creator), Wiles, G. (Creator), Zorita, E. (Creator), National centers for environmental information, 2017


  2. Limitation of fixed nitrogen and deepening of the carbonate-compensation depth through the Hirnantian at Dob's Linn, Scotland

    Koehler, M. (Creator), Stueeken, E. E. (Creator), Hillier, S. (Creator), Prave, T. (Creator), Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, 2019


  3. Old World megadroughts and pluvials during the Common Era. (dataset)

    Cook, E. R. (Creator), Seager, R. (Creator), Kushnir, Y. (Creator), Briffa, K. R. (Creator), Büntgen, U. (Creator), Frank, D. (Creator), Krusic, P. J. (Creator), Tegel, W. (Creator), an der Schrier, G. V. (Creator), Andreu-Hayles, L. (Creator), Baillie, M. (Creator), Baittinger, C. (Creator), Bleicher, N. (Creator), Bonde, N. (Creator), Brown, D. (Creator), Carrer, M. (Creator), Cooper, R. (Creator), Čufar, K. (Creator), Dittmar, C. (Creator), Esper, J. (Creator), Griggs, C. (Creator), Gunnarson, B. (Creator), Günther, B. (Creator), Gutierrez, E. (Creator), Haneca, K. (Creator), Helama, S. (Creator), Herzig, F. (Creator), Heussner, K. (Creator), Hofmann, J. (Creator), Janda, P. (Creator), Kontic, R. (Creator), Köse, N. (Creator), Kyncl, T. (Creator), Levaniv c, T. (Creator), Linderholm, H. (Creator), Manning, S. (Creator), Melvin, T. M. (Creator), Miles, D. (Creator), Neuwirth, B. (Creator), Nicolussi, K. (Creator), Nola, P. (Creator), Panayotov, M. (Creator), Popa, I. (Creator), Rothe, A. (Creator), Seftigen, K. (Creator), Seim, A. (Creator), Svarva, H. (Creator), Svoboda, M. (Creator), Thun, T. (Creator), Timonen, M. (Creator), Touchan, R. (Creator), Trotsiuk, V. (Creator), Trouet, V. (Creator), Walder, F. (Creator), Wazny, T. (Creator), Wilson, R. (Creator), Zang, C. (Creator), National centers for environmental information, 6 Nov 2015


  4. Package "Seacarb": Seawater Carbonate Chemistry

    Gattuso, J. (Creator), Epitalon, J. (Creator), Lavigne, H. (Creator), Orr, J. (Creator), Gentili, B. (Creator), Hofmann, A. (Creator), Proye, A. (Creator), Soetaert, K. (Creator), Rae, J. W. B. (Creator), The Comprehensive R Archive Network, 9 Apr 2016


  5. Petrogenesis of Malaysian granitoids in the Southeast Asian tin belt: Part 2. U-Pb zircon geochronology and tectonic model (dataset)

    Ng, S. W. (Creator), Whitehouse, M. J. (Creator), Searle, M. P. (Creator), Robb, L. J. (Creator), Ghani, A. A. (Creator), Chung, S. (Creator), Henderson Oliver, G. J. (Creator), Sone, M. (Creator), Gardiner, N. J. (Creator), Roselee, M. H. (Creator), GSA Data Repository, 2019


  6. Pumiceous Achneliths 3D models

    Clarke, B. (Creator), Calder, E. S. (Creator), Dessalegn, F. (Creator), Fontijn, K. (Creator), Cortés, J. A. (Creator), Naylor, M. (Creator), Butler, I. (Creator), Hutchison, W. (Creator), Yirgu, G. (Creator), Figshare, 29 Apr 2019


  7. Response of deep subsurface microbial community to different carbon sources and electron acceptors during ∼2 months incubation in microcosms (dataset)

    Purkamo, L. (Creator), Bomberg, M. (Creator), Nyyssönen, M. (Creator), Ahonen, L. (Creator), Kukkonen, I. (Creator), Itävaara, M. (Creator), European Nucleotide Archive (ENA), 26 Oct 2016



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