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  1. The nature of deep overturning and reconfigurations of the silicon cycle across the last deglaciation (dataset)

    Dumont, M. D. (Creator), Pichevin, L. (Creator), Geibert, W. (Creator), Crosta, X. (Creator), Michel, E. (Creator), Moreton, S. (Creator), Ganeshram, R. (Creator), PANGEA, 2020


  2. Transient climate simulations of the deglaciation 21-9 thousand years before present (version 1) - PMIP4 Core experiment design and boundary conditions (dataset)

    Ivanovic, R. (Creator), Gregoire, L. (Creator), Kageyama, M. (Creator), Roche, D. (Creator), Valdes, P. (Creator), Burke, A. (Creator), Drummond, R. (Creator), Peltier, W. R. (Creator), Tarasov, L. (Creator), Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project - Phase 4, 2016


  3. Unique Neoproterozoic carbon isotope excursions sustained by coupled evaporite dissolution and pyrite burial (code)

    Shields, G. A. (Creator), Mills, B. J. W. (Creator), Zhu, M. (Creator), Raub, T. D. (Creator), Daines, S. J. (Creator), Lenton, T. M. (Creator), GitHub, 2019


  4. lanktic and benthic boron and carbon isotopes from ODP sites 121-758, 165-999, 154-926 and 122-761

    Greenop, R. (Creator), Hain, M. P. (Creator), Sosdian, S. M. (Creator), Oliver, K. I. C. (Creator), Goodwin, P. (Creator), Chalk, T. B. (Creator), Wilson, P. A. (Creator), Foster, G. L. (Creator), PANGEA, 2017


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