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Research at St Andrews

School of Geography & Sustainable Development

  1. A 3D model of a conduit under Hansbreen (Hans Glacier), Svalbard. Arctic Data Center.

    Mankoff, K. D. (Creator), Gulley, J. D. (Creator), Tulaczyk, S. M. (Creator), Covington, M. D. (Creator), Liu, X. (Creator), Chen, Y. (Creator), Benn, D. I. (Creator), GŁowacki, P. S. (Creator), Arctic Data Center, 22 Aug 2016


  2. A new integrated approach to taxonomy: the fusion of molecular and morphological systematics with type material in benthic foraminifera (dataset)

    Roberts, A. D. (Creator), Austin, W. (Creator), Evans, K. (Creator), Bird, C. (Creator), Schweizer, M. (Creator), Darling, K. (Creator), EMBL-EBI, 21 Jul 2016


  3. Age, extent and carbon storage of the central Congo Basin peatland complex (dataset)

    Dargie, G. C. (Creator), Mitchard, E. T. A. (Creator), African Tropical Rainforest Observation Network, 2 Feb 2017


  4. Canadian Ice Island Drift, Deterioration and Detection Database (CI2D3 Database)

    Mueller, D. (Creator), Desjardins, L. (Creator), Alhogaraty, E. (Creator), Bouh Ali, S. (Creator), Crawford, A. (Creator), Garbo, A. (Creator), Lewis-Paley, G. (Creator), Saper, R. (Creator), Schaad, C. (Creator), Shepherd, J. (Creator), Stewart-Jones, E. (Creator), Polar Data Catalogue, 2018


  5. Climatic control on Icelandic volcanic activity during the mid-Holocene (dataset)

    Swindles, G. T. (Creator), Watson, E. J. (Creator), Savov, I. P. (Creator), Lawson, I. T. (Creator), Schmidt, A. (Creator), Hooper, A. (Creator), Cooper, C. L. (Creator), Connor, C. B. (Creator), Gloor, M. (Creator), Carrivick, J. L. (Creator), GSA Data Repository, 2018


  6. Consistently dated Atlantic sediment cores over the last 40 thousand years (dataset)

    Waelbroeck, C. (Creator), Lougheed, B. C. (Creator), Vazquez Riveiros, N. (Creator), Missiaen, L. (Creator), Pedro, J. (Creator), Dokken, T. (Creator), Hajdas, I. (Creator), Wacker, L. (Creator), Abbott, P. (Creator), Dumoulin, J. (Creator), Thil, F. (Creator), Eynaud, F. (Creator), Rossignol, L. (Creator), Fersi, W. (Creator), Albuquerque, A. L. (Creator), Arz, H. (Creator), Austin, W. (Creator), Came, R. (Creator), Carlson, A. E. (Creator), Collins, J. A. (Creator), Dennielou, B. (Creator), Desprat, S. (Creator), Dickson, A. (Creator), Elliot, M. (Creator), Farmer, C. (Creator), Giraudeau, J. (Creator), Gottschalk, J. (Creator), Henderiks, J. (Creator), Hughen, K. (Creator), Jung, S. (Creator), Knutz, P. (Creator), Lebreiro, S. (Creator), Lund, D. C. (Creator), Lynch-Stieglitz, J. (Creator), Malaizé, B. (Creator), Marchitto, T. (Creator), Martínez-Méndez, G. (Creator), Mollenhauer, G. (Creator), Naughton, F. (Creator), Nave, S. (Creator), Nürnberg, D. (Creator), Oppo, D. (Creator), Peck, V. (Creator), Peeters, F. J. C. (Creator), Penaud, A. (Creator), da Costa Portilho-Ramos, R. (Creator), Repschläger, J. (Creator), Roberts, J. (Creator), Rühlemann, C. (Creator), Salgueiro, E. (Creator), Sanchez Goni, M. F. (Creator), Schönfeld, J. (Creator), Scussolini, P. (Creator), Skinner, L. C. (Creator), Skonieczny, C. (Creator), Thornalley, D. (Creator), Toucanne, S. (Creator), Van Rooij, D. (Creator), Vidal, L. (Creator), Voelker, A. H. L. (Creator), Wary, M. (Creator), Weldeab, S. (Creator), Ziegler, M. (Creator), Zenodo, 2019


  7. Cyanobacterial endobionts within a major marine planktonic calcifier (Globigerina bulloides, Foraminifera) revealed by 16S rRNA metabarcoding (dataset)

    Bird, C. (Creator), Darling, K. (Creator), Russell, A. D. (Creator), Davis, C. V. (Creator), Fehrenbacher, J. (Creator), Free, A. (Creator), Wyman, M. (Creator), Ngwenya, B. T. (Creator), National Center for Biotechnology Information, 1 Nov 2016


  8. Data from: Long-term disturbance dynamics and resilience of tropical peat swamp forests

    Cole, L. (Creator), Bhagwat, S. A. (Creator), Willis, K. J. (Creator), Dryad, 21 Jan 2015


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