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Research at St Andrews

School of Geography & Sustainable Development

  1. The Spatialities of Ageing in Britain: Is Residential Segregation Increasing?

    Albert Sabater (Recipient), Elspeth Forbes Graham (Recipient) & Nissa Finney (Recipient), 2016

    Prize: Other distinction

  2. Parental Support and Transition to Second Birth in a Low-Fertility Setting: The Case of Andalusia in Spain

    Albert Sabater (Recipient), Elspeth Forbes Graham (Recipient), Francisco Viciana (Recipient) & Diego Ramiro (Recipient), 2017

    Prize: Other distinction

  3. nomination for TEA award

    Benet George Louis Reid (Recipient), Oct 2015

    Prize: Other distinction

  4. Invited to present the 2005/6 Annual Robinson Colloquium Address, Columbus, Ohio

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), 2005

    Prize: Other distinction

  5. Home Group

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), Mar 2012

    Prize: Other distinction

  6. Invited Masterclass Presenter and Public Lecture Speaker

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), Dec 2011

    Prize: Other distinction

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