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Research at St Andrews

School of Geography & Sustainable Development

  1. Winner of the Warren G. Nystrom Award at the 77th Annual Meeting

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), Apr 1981

    Prize: Appointment

  2. Visiting Scholar, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), May 2005

    Prize: Appointment

  3. Visiting Fellowship, Georgetown, US

    Darren McCauley (Recipient), 1 Jun 2010

    Prize: Appointment

  4. UK National Geospatial Data Framework Committee

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), 1997

    Prize: Appointment

  5. Selected as Overseas Young Research Worker

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), 1985

    Prize: Appointment

  6. Honorary Visiting Fellowship, Liverpool

    Darren McCauley (Recipient), 1 Jan 2011

    Prize: Appointment

  7. Geographical Sciences Committee, Royal Irish Academy

    Stewart Fotheringham (Recipient), 2009

    Prize: Appointment

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