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Research at St Andrews

School of History

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  1. Exchanging the kilt for trousers was step too far

    Derek John Patrick


    • Media contribution: The Courier Secord World War 80th Anniversary Supplement

    Press/Media: Relating to Research

  2. Nazizmi dhi stalinizmi

    Tomasz Dominik Kamusella


    • Media contribution: Panorama (daily newspaper, Tirana, Albania)

    Press/Media: Relating to Research

  3. What history can tell us about the future of scholarly society journals

    Aileen Fyfe


    • Media contribution: Scholastica blog

    Press/Media: Relating to Research

  4. Kamusella: one of the three famous alumni of SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw, Poland

    Tomek Kamusella


    • Media contribution: 2020 Times Higher Education World University Rakings

    Press/Media: Other

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