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Research at St Andrews

School of History

  1. Distinguished Visiting Scholar

    Timothy William Greenwood (Recipient), Feb 2017

    Prize: Appointment

  2. Associate Director, St Andrews University, St Andrews Scottish Studies Institute

    David William Allan (Recipient), 2000

    Prize: Appointment

  3. Senior Fellow

    John Finlay Mcdiarmid Clark (Recipient), 15 Aug 2014

    Prize: Appointment

  4. Max Weber Fellowship

    Sarah Easterby-Smith (Recipient), 1 Sep 2010

    Prize: Appointment

  5. Visiting Fellowship - Yale University

    Sarah Easterby-Smith (Recipient), Aug 2011

    Prize: Appointment

  6. Visiting Fellow, Centre Marc Bloch, Berlin

    Guy Robert Rowlands (Recipient), 1 Sep 2010

    Prize: Appointment

  7. Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow

    Guy Robert Rowlands (Recipient), Sep 2007

    Prize: Appointment

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