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Research at St Andrews

School of Mathematics and Statistics

  1. A general framework for animal density estimation from acoustic detections across a fixed microphone array (dataset)

    Stevenson, B. (Creator), Borchers, D. L. (Creator), Altwegg, R. (Creator), Swift, R. J. (Creator), Gillespie, D. M. (Creator), Measey, G. J. (Creator), GitHub, 29 Jun 2017


  2. A spatiotemporal multispecies model of a semicontinuous response (dataset)

    Jones-Todd, C. M. (Creator), Swallow, B. T. (Creator), Illian, J. B. (Creator), Toms, M. (Creator), GitHub, 8 Sep 2017


  3. An acoustic spatially explicit capture-recapture method for estimating vocalising amphibian density.

    Measey, G. J. (Creator), Scott (tanya scott), T. (Creator), Borchers, D. L. (Creator), Stevenson, B. (Creator), Altwegg, R. (Creator), Swift, R. J. (Creator), Gillespie, D. M. (Creator), SAEON Data Repository, 1 Dec 2016


  4. Dark respiration, primary production and calcification rates of the coralline alga Corallina officinalis L. under varying temperature conditions

    Rendina, F. (Creator), Bouchet, P. (Creator), Appolloni, L. (Creator), Fulvio Russo, G. (Creator), Sandulli, R. (Creator), Kolzenburg, R. (Creator), Putra, A. (Creator), Ragazzola, F. (Creator), PANGAEA, 2019


  5. Data for: A Bayesian approach to modelling subnational spatial dynamics of worldwide non-state terrorism, 2010 - 2016

    Python, A. (Creator), Illian, J. B. (Creator), Jones-Todd, C. M. (Creator), Blangiardo, M. (Creator), University of Oxford, 2018


  6. Data from: Analysis of animal accelerometer data using hidden Markov models

    Leos-Barajas, V. (Creator), Photopoulou, T. (Creator), Langrock, R. (Creator), Patterson, T. A. (Creator), Watanabe, Y. Y. (Creator), Murgatroyd, M. (Creator), Papastamatiou, Y. (Creator), Dryad, 20 Oct 2016


  7. Data from: Automated peak detection method for behavioral event identification: detecting Balaenoptera musculus and Grampus griseus feeding attempts

    Sweeney, D. A. (Creator), DeRuiter, S. L. (Creator), McNamara-Oh, Y. J. (Creator), Marques, T. A. (Creator), Arranz Alonso, P. (Creator), Calambokidis, J. (Creator), Dryad, 9 Apr 2019


  8. Data from: Distance sampling with camera traps

    Howe, E. J. (Creator), Buckland, S. T. (Creator), Després-Einspenner (Marie-Lyne Despres-Einspenner), M. (Creator), Kühl (Hjalmar Kuhn), H. (Creator), Dryad, 15 May 2017


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