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Research at St Andrews

School of Psychology and Neuroscience

  1. CATMAID: Collaborative Annotation Toolkit for Massive Amounts of Image Data

    Schneider-Mizell, C., Gerhard, S., Longair, M., Kazimiers, T., Li, F., Zwart, M. F., Champion, A., Midgley, F., Fetter, R., Saalfeld, S., Cardona, A., GitHub, 18 Mar 2016


  2. Code for model of cortical responses to uncomfortable stimuli

    Hibbard, P. B., O'Hare, L., Figshare, 15 Jan 2017


  3. Data and script for: A marker of biological age explains individual variation in the strength of the adult stress response

    Andrew, C., Nettle, D., Larriva Hormigos, M., Gillespie, R., Reichert, S., Brilot (Ben O Brilot), B. O., Bedford, T., Monaghan, P., Spencer, K. A., Bateson, M., Zenodo, 22 Aug 2017


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