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Research at St Andrews

School of Psychology and Neuroscience

  1. fMRI evidence supporting the role of memory conflict in the déjà vu experience - Memory

    Urquhart, J. A. (Creator), Sivakumaran, M. H. (Creator), Macfarlane, J. A. (Creator), O'Connor, A. R. (Creator), NeuroVault, 30 Jul 2018


  2. Data from: Developmental stress predicts social network position

    Boogert, N. J. (Creator), Spencer, K. A. (Creator), Farine, D. (Creator), Dryad, 8 Oct 2014


  3. Watson et al. - Individual Differences Meta-analysis

    Watson, S. K. (Creator), Open Science Framework, 20 Jun 2018


  4. Electronic supplementary material from Quantifying uncertainty due to fission–fusion dynamics as a component of social complexity.

    Ramos-Fernandez, G. (Creator), King, A. J. (Creator), Beehner, J. C. (Creator), Bergman, T. J. (Creator), Crofoot, M. C. (Creator), Di Fiore, A. (Creator), Lehmann, J. (Creator), Schaffner, C. M. (Creator), Snyder-Mackler, N. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Aureli, F. (Creator), Boyer, D. (Creator), Dryad, 21 May 2018


  5. Data underpinning Maneesh Kuruvilla's PhD thesis

    Kuruvilla, M. V. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 5 Jul 2023


  6. Dominance and social information use in a lizard

    Whiting, M. J. (Creator), Kar, F. (Creator), Noble, D. W. A. (Creator), Figshare, 30 May 2017


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