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Research at St Andrews

School of Psychology and Neuroscience

  1. CATMAID: Collaborative Annotation Toolkit for Massive Amounts of Image Data

    Schneider-Mizell, C. (Creator), Gerhard, S. (Creator), Longair, M. (Creator), Kazimiers, T. (Creator), Li, F. (Creator), Zwart, M. F. (Creator), Champion, A. (Creator), Midgley, F. (Creator), Fetter, R. (Creator), Saalfeld, S. (Creator), Cardona, A. (Creator), GitHub, 18 Mar 2016


  2. Chimpanzees’ understanding of social leverage (dataset)

    Sánchez-Amaro, A. (Creator), Duguid, S. (Creator), Call, J. (Creator), Tomasello, M. (Creator), Figshare, 12 Dec 2018


  3. Circadian rhythms of urinary cortisol levels vary between individuals in wild male: a reaction norm approach

    Sonnweber, R. (Creator), Araya-Ajoy, Y. G. (Creator), Behringer, V. (Creator), Deschner, T. (Creator), Tkaczynski, P. (Creator), Fedurek, P. (Creator), Preis, A. (Creator), Samuni, L. (Creator), Zommers, Z. (Creator), Gomes, C. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Wittig, R. M. (Creator), Crockford, C. (Creator), Figshare, 2019


  4. Code for model of cortical responses to uncomfortable stimuli

    Hibbard, P. B. (Creator), O'Hare, L. (Creator), Figshare, 15 Jan 2017


  5. Comparing functions of copulation calls in wild olive baboons, Papio anubis, using multimodel inference (dataset)

    Bouquet, Y. (Creator), Stephan, C. (Creator), Johnson, C. A. (Creator), Rothman, J. M. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 2019


  6. Contextual encoding in titi monkey alarm call sequences (dataset)

    Berthet, M. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator), Mesbahi, G. (Creator), Damas, C. C. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 8 Jul 2017


  7. Correlates of social role and conflict severity in wild vervet monkey agonistic screams (dataset)

    Mercier, S. (Creator), Déaux, E. C. (Creator), van de Waal, E. (Creator), Bono, A. E. J. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 25 Mar 2019


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