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Research at St Andrews

School of Psychology and Neuroscience

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  1. Statistical script and datasets

    Berthet, M. (Creator), Mesbahi, G. (Creator), Pajot, A. (Creator), Cäsar, C. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 12 Feb 2019


  2. Supplementary material from "Wild chimpanzees select tool material based on efficiency and knowledge"

    Lamon, N. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator), Gier, J. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Gruber, T. (Creator), The Royal Society, 26 Sep 2018


  3. The development of human social learning across seven societies (dataset)

    van Leeuwen, E. J. C. (Creator), Cohen, E. (Creator), Collier-Baker, E. (Creator), Rapold, C. J. (Creator), Schäfer, M. (Creator), Schütte, S. (Creator), Haun, D. B. M. (Creator), Open Science Framework, 20 Mar 2018


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