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  1. The serotonergic system tracks the outcomes of actions to mediate short-term motor learning (dataset)

    Kawashima, T. (Creator), Zwart, M. F. (Creator), Yang, C. (Creator), Mensh, B. (Creator), Ahrens, M. (Creator), GitHub, 30 Sep 2016


  2. Variation in hunting behaviour in neighbouring chimpanzee communities in the Budongo forest, Uganda (dataset)

    Hobaiter, C. (Creator), Samuni, L. (Creator), Mullins, C. S. (Creator), Akankwasa, W. J. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 12 May 2017


  3. Vervet monkeys greet adult males during high-risk situations (dataset)

    Mercier, S. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator), van de Waal, E. (Creator), Chollet, E. (Creator), Meric de Bellefon, J. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 16 Sep 2017


  4. Videos of playbacks

    Berthet, M. (Creator), Mesbahi, G. (Creator), Pajot, A. (Creator), Cäsar, C. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 25 Feb 2019


  5. Watson et al. - Individual Differences Meta-analysis

    Watson, S. K. (Creator), Open Science Framework, 20 Jun 2018


  6. fMRI evidence supporting the role of memory conflict in the déjà vu experience - Memory

    Urquhart, J. A. (Creator), Sivakumaran, M. H. (Creator), Macfarlane, J. A. (Creator), O'Connor, A. R. (Creator), NeuroVault, 30 Jul 2018


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