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Research at St Andrews


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  1. Hakalau Bioacoustic Surveys and Models 2015

    Camp, R. J. (Creator), Sebastián-González, E. (Creator), U.S. Geological Survey, 22 Aug 2018


  2. Mutation calls for 'A comparative analysis of whole genome sequencing of esophageal adenocarcinoma pre- and post-chemotherapy'

    Noorani, A. (Creator), Bornschein, J. (Creator), Lynch, A. (Creator), Secrier, M. (Creator), Achilleos, A. (Creator), Eldridge, M. (Creator), Bower, L. (Creator), Weaver, J. M. J. (Creator), Crawte, J. (Creator), Ong, C. (Creator), Shannon, N. (Creator), MacRae, S. (Creator), Grehan, N. (Creator), Nutzinger, B. (Creator), O'Donovan, M. (Creator), Hardwick, R. (Creator), Tavaré, S. (Creator), Fitzgerald, R. C. (Creator), International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC), 2017


  3. ReTrOS

    Minas, G. (Creator), Momiji, H. (Creator), Jenkins, D. (Creator), Costa, M. J. (Creator), Rand, D. A. (Creator), Finkenstadt, B. (Creator), GitHub, 24 Feb 2017


  4. ReTrOS: Reconstructing Transcription Open Software (dataset)

    Minas, G. (Creator), Momiji, H. (Creator), Jenkins, D. J. (Creator), Costa, M. J. (Creator), Rand, D. A. (Creator), Finkenstädt, B. (Creator), University of Warwick, 2018


  5. Sequencing of prostate cancers identifies new cancer genes, routes of progression and drug targets (dataset)

    Wedge, D. C. (Creator), Gundem, G. (Creator), Mitchell, T. (Creator), Woodstock, D. J. (Creator), Martincorena, I. (Creator), Ghori, M. (Creator), Zamora, J. (Creator), Butler, A. (Creator), Whitaker, H. (Creator), Kote-Jarai, Z. (Creator), Alexandrov, L. B. (Creator), Van Loo, P. (Creator), Massie, C. E. (Creator), Dentro, S. (Creator), Warren, A. Y. (Creator), Verrill, C. (Creator), Berney, D. M. (Creator), Dennis, N. (Creator), Merson, S. (Creator), Hawkins, S. (Creator), Howat, W. (Creator), Lu, Y. (Creator), Lambert, A. (Creator), Kay, J. (Creator), Kremeyer, B. (Creator), Karaszi, K. (Creator), Luxton, H. (Creator), Camacho, N. (Creator), Marsden, L. (Creator), Edwards, S. (Creator), Matthews, L. (Creator), Bo, V. (Creator), Leongamornlert, D. (Creator), McLaren, S. (Creator), Ng, A. (Creator), Yu, Y. (Creator), Zhang, H. (Creator), Dadaev, T. (Creator), Thomas, S. (Creator), Easton, D. F. (Creator), Ahmed, M. (Creator), Bancroft, E. (Creator), Fisher, C. (Creator), Livni, N. (Creator), Nicol, D. (Creator), Tavaré, S. (Creator), Gill, P. (Creator), Greenman, C. (Creator), Khoo, V. (Creator), Van As, N. (Creator), Kumar, P. (Creator), Ogden, C. (Creator), Cahill, D. (Creator), Thompson, A. (Creator), Meyer, E. (Creator), Rowe, E. (Creator), Dudderidge, T. (Creator), Gnanapragasam, V. (Creator), Shah, N. C. (Creator), Raine, K. (Creator), Jones, D. (Creator), Menzies, A. (Creator), Stebbings, L. (Creator), Teague, J. (Creator), Hazell, S. (Creator), Corbishley, C. (Creator), de Bono, J. (Creator), Attard, G. (Creator), Isaacs, W. (Creator), Visakorpi, T. (Creator), Fraser, M. (Creator), Boutros, P. C. (Creator), Bristow, R. G. (Creator), Workman, P. (Creator), Sander, C. (Creator), Hamdy, F. C. (Creator), Futreal, A. (Creator), McDermott, U. (Creator), Al-Lazikani, B. (Creator), Bova, G. S. (Creator), Foster, C. S. (Creator), Brewer, D. S. (Creator), Neal, D. E. (Creator), Cooper, C. S. (Creator), Eeles, R. A. (Creator), European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA), 16 Apr 2018



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