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Research at St Andrews

WHO Collaborating Centre for International Child & Adolescent Health Policy

  1. Child and adolescent health monitoring (Europe)

    Aleman-Diaz, A. Y. (Contributor), WHO Regional Office for Europe, 2016


  2. Engagement in an e-Health Tool (ORION) predicts opioid-dependent patient likelihood of behavioural change (dataset)

    Humphris, G. M. (Creator), Carra, G. (Creator), Frisher, M. (Creator), Neufeind, J. (Creator), Cecil, J. E. (Creator), Scherbaum, N. (Creator), Crome, I. (Creator), Baldacchino, A. M. (Creator), European Commission, 4 Feb 2017


  3. Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) (2013/2014 Survey)

    Inchley, J. (Creator), Currie, D. B. (Creator), Samdal, O. (Creator), Young, T. (Creator), Torsheim, T. (Creator), Augustson, L. (Creator), Mathison, F. (Creator), Aleman-Diaz, A. Y. (Creator), Molcho, M. (Creator), WHO Regional Office for Europe, 6 Apr 2016


  4. Status of child and adolescent health policies in Europe

    Kuttumuratova, A. (Creator), WHO Regional Office for Europe, May 2018



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