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Research at St Andrews

Carlos Penedo


  1. Single molecule spectroscopy of polyfluorene chains reveals β-phase content and phase reversibility in or-ganic solvents (dataset)

    Brenlla-Lopez, A. (Creator), Samuel, I. D. W. (Creator), Tenopala Carmona, F. (Creator), Penedo, C. (Creator), Skabara, P. (Creator), Kanibolotsky, A. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2019


  2. Unprecedented tunability of riboswitch structure and regulatory function by sub-millimolar variations in physiological Mg2+ (dataset)

    McCluskey, K. A. (Creator), Boudreault, J. (Creator), St-Pierre, P. (Creator), Perez Gonzalez, D. C. (Creator), Chauvier, A. (Creator), Rizzi, A. (Creator), Beauregard, P. B. (Creator), Lafontaine, D. A. (Creator), Penedo, C. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 10 May 2019