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Research at St Andrews

Christiane Helling


  1. Equilibrium chemistry down to 100 K. Impact of silicates and phyllosilicates on carbon/oxygen ratio (dataset)

    Woitke, P. (Creator), Helling, C. (Creator), Hunter, G. H. (Creator), Millard, J. D. (Creator), Turner, G. E. (Creator), Worters, M. (Creator), Blecic, J. (Creator), Stock, J. W. (Creator), GitHub, 4 Dec 2017


  2. Exonephology: Transmission spectra from a 3D simulated cloudy atmosphere of HD209458b (dataset)

    Lines, S. (Creator), Manners, J. (Creator), Mayne, N. J. (Creator), Goyal, J. (Creator), Carter, A. L. (Creator), Boutle, I. A. (Creator), Lee, G. K. H. (Creator), Helling, C. (Creator), Drummond, B. (Creator), Acreman, D. M. (Creator), Sing, D. K. (Creator), University of Exeter Press, 30 Aug 2018


  3. OGLE-2017-BLG-1434Lb: Eighth q<1x10-4 Mass-Ratio Microlens Planet Confirms Turnover in Planet Mass-Ratio Function v(dataset)

    Udalski, A. (Creator), Ryu, Y. (Creator), Sajadian, S. (Creator), Gould, A. (Creator), Mroz, P. (Creator), Poleski, R. (Creator), Szymanski, M. K. (Creator), Skowron, J. (Creator), Soszynski (Creator), Kozlowski, S. (Creator), Pietrukowicz, P. (Creator), Ulaczyk, K. (Creator), Pawlak, M. (Creator), Rybicki, K. (Creator), Iwanek, P. (Creator), Albrow, M. D. (Creator), Chung, S. (Creator), Han, C. (Creator), Hwang, K. (Creator), Jung, Y. K. (Creator), Shin, I. (Creator), Shvartzvald, Y. (Creator), Yee, J. C. (Creator), Zang, W. (Creator), Zhu, W. (Creator), Cha, S. (Creator), Kim, D. (Creator), Kim, H. (Creator), Kim, S. (Creator), Lee, C. (Creator), Lee, D. (Creator), Lee, Y. (Creator), Park, B. (Creator), Pogge, R. W. (Creator), Bozza (Creator), Dominik, M. (Creator), Helling, C. (Creator), Hundertmark, M. P. G. (Creator), Jorgensen, U. G. (Creator), Longa-Pena, P. (Creator), Lowry, S. (Creator), Burgdorf, M. (Creator), Campbell-White, J. (Creator), Ciceri, S. (Creator), Evans, D. (Creator), Figuera Jaimes, R. J. (Creator), Fujii, Y. (Creator), Haikala, L. K. (Creator), Henning, T. (Creator), Hinse, T. C. (Creator), Mancini, L. (Creator), Peixinho, N. (Creator), Rahvar, S. (Creator), Rabus, M. (Creator), Skottfelt, J. (Creator), Snodgrass, C. (Creator), Southworth, J. (Creator), von Essen, C. (Creator), NASA Exoplanet Science Institute, 2018


  4. Robust detection of quasi-periodic variability: a HAWK-I mini survey of late-T dwarfs (dataset)

    Littlefair, S. ~. (Creator), Burningham, B. (Creator), Helling, C. (Creator), European Southern Observatory, 18 Oct 2013


  5. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Exoplanet magnetic fields (Vidotto+, 2011)

    De Almeida Vidotto, A. (Creator), Jardine, M. M. (Creator), Helling, C. (Creator), VizieR On-line Data Catalog, 1 Aug 2011


  6. VizieR Online Data Catalog: Spectroscopy of very low mass objects (Patience+, 2012)

    Patience, J. (Creator), King, R. ~. (Creator), De Rosa, R. ~. (Creator), Vigan, A. (Creator), Witte, S. (Creator), Rice, E. (Creator), Helling, C. (Creator), Hauschildt, P. (Creator), VizieR On-line Data Catalog, Sep 2012