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Research at St Andrews

David Ian Donaldson


  1. Dissociable effects of prediction and integration during language comprehension: Evidence from a largescale study using brain potentials (dataset)

    Nieuwland, M. S. (Creator), Barr, D. J. (Creator), Bartolozzi, F. (Creator), Busch-Moreno, S. (Creator), Darley, E. (Creator), Donaldson, D. I. (Creator), Ferguson, H. J. (Creator), Fu, X. (Creator), Heyselaar, E. (Creator), Huettig, F. (Creator), Husband, E. M. (Creator), Ito, A. (Creator), Kazanina, N. (Creator), Kogan, V. (Creator), Kohút, Z. (Creator), Kulakova, E. (Creator), Mézière, D. (Creator), Politzer-Ahles, S. (Creator), Rousselet, G. (Creator), Rueschemeyer, S. A. (Creator), Segaert, K. (Creator), Tuomainen, J. (Creator) & Von Grebmer Zu Wolfsthurn, S. (Creator), OSF, 2020


  2. Large-scale replication study reveals a limit on probabilistic prediction in language comprehension (dataset)

    Nieuwland, M. S. (Creator), Politzer-Ahles, S. (Creator), Heyselaar, E. (Creator), Segaert, K. (Creator), Darley, E. (Creator), Kazanina, N. (Creator), Von Grebmer Zu Wolfsthurn, S. (Creator), Bartolozzi, F. (Creator), Kogan, V. (Creator), Ito, A. (Creator), Mézière, D. (Creator), Barr, D. J. (Creator), Rousselet, G. A. (Creator), Ferguson, H. J. (Creator), Busch-Moreno, S. (Creator), Fu, X. (Creator), Tuomainen, J. (Creator), Kulakova, E. (Creator), Husband, E. M. (Creator), Donaldson, D. I. (Creator), Kohút, Z. (Creator), Rueschemeyer, S. (Creator), Huettig, F. (Creator) & Shinn-Cunningham, B. G. (Creator), Open Science Framework, 2019


  3. Mobile EEG identifies the re-allocation of attention during real-world activity (dataset)

    Ladouce, S. (Creator), Donaldson, D. I. (Creator), Dudchenko, P. A. (Creator) & Ietswaart, M. (Creator), University of Stirling, 2019