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Research at St Andrews

David Ian Perrett


  1. 2012
  2. Published

    A genetic algorithm for face fitting

    Hunter, D. W., Tiddeman, B. P. & Perrett, D. I. Feb 2012 p. 115-120 6 p.

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewPaper

  3. 2011
  4. Published
  5. Published

    Dynamic Video Face Transformation Using Multilinear and Autoregressive Models

    Tiddeman, B. P., Hunter, D. W. & Perrett, D. I. 2011

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewPaper

  6. Published

    Face colour, health, lifestyle and attractiveness

    Perrett, D. I., Re, D., Whitehead, R., Stephen, I. D., Coetzee, V., Lefevre, C. E., Moore, F. R., Xiao, D. & Ozakinci, G. 2011 p. 23

    Research output: Research - peer-reviewPaper

  7. 2005
  8. Published

    Towards Realism in Facial Image Prototyping: Results of a Wavelet MRF Method

    Tiddeman, B. P., Stirratt, M. R. & Perrett, D. I. 2005 p. 103-111

    Research output: ResearchPaper

  9. 2002
  10. Published

    Prototyping and Transforming Visemes for Animated Speech

    Tiddeman, B. P. & Perrett, D. I. 2002 p. 248-51

    Research output: ResearchPaper

  11. 2001
  12. Published

    Moving facial image transformations using static 2D prototypes

    Tiddeman, B. P. & Perrett, D. I. 2001 p. 260-266

    Research output: ResearchPaper