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Research at St Andrews

Duncan Forgan


  1. Can planet formation resolve the dust budget crisis in high-redshift galaxies? (dataset)

    Forgan, D. (Creator), Rowlands (Kate Elizabeth Rowlands), K. (Creator), Gomez, H. L. (Creator), Gomez, E. L. (Creator), Schofield, S. P. (Creator), Dunne, L. (Creator), Maddox (S Maddox), S. (Creator), GitHub, 11 Aug 2017


  2. Observing substructure in circumstellar discs around massive young stellar objects (dataset)

    Jankovic, M. R. (Creator), Haworth, T. J. (Creator), Ilee, J. D. (Creator), Forgan, D. (Creator), Cyganowski, C. J. (Creator), Walsh, C. (Creator), Brogan, C. L. (Creator), Hunter, T. R. (Creator), Mohanty, S. (Creator), Zenodo, 6 Nov 2018


  3. TACHE - TensoriAl Classification of Hydrodynamic Elements

    Forgan, D. (Creator), Ramon Fox, F. G. (Creator), Bonnell, I. A. (Creator), GitHub, 7 Feb 2018