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Research at St Andrews

Federico Grillo


  1. Data underpinning - Metallosupramolecular assembly of Cr and p-terphenylnitrile by dissociation of metal carbonyls on Au(111)

    Anderson, A. E. (Creator), Grillo, F. (Creator), Larrea, C. R. (Creator), Green, R. T. S. (Creator), Fruchtl, H. A. (Creator), Baddeley, C. J. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 8 Jan 2016


  2. Data underpinning - Two-dimensional self-assembly of benzotriazole on an inert substrate

    Grillo, F. (Creator), Garrido Torres, J. A. (Creator), Treanor, M. J. (Creator), Larrea, C. R. (Creator), Goetze, J. P. (Creator), Lacovig, P. (Creator), Fruchtl, H. A. (Creator), Schaub, R. (Creator), Richardson, N. V. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2016


  3. Effect of the pH in the Growth of Benzotriazole Model Layers at Realistic Environmental Conditions (dataset)

    Grillo, F. (Creator), Mirarco, A. (Creator), Francis, S. M. (Creator), Baddeley, C. J. (Creator), Glisenti, A. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 15 Aug 2018


  4. On-surface condensation of low-dimensional benzotriazole – copper assemblies (dataset)

    Grillo, F. (Creator), Batchelor, D. (Creator), Larrea, C. R. (Creator), Francis, S. M. (Creator), Lacovig, P. (Creator), Richardson, N. V. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 28 Jun 2019


  5. Structural and electronic characterisation of Cu/Au(111) near-surface alloys (dataset)

    Grillo, F. (Creator), Megginson, R. (Creator), Batchelor, D. (Creator), Muntwiler, M. (Creator), Baddeley, C. J. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 2021


  6. Structure and reactivity of Cu-doped Au(111) surfaces (dataset)

    Grillo, F. (Creator), Megginson, R. (Creator), Christie, J. (Creator), Francis, S. M. (Creator), Richardson, N. V. (Creator), Baddeley, C. J. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 21 May 2018


  7. Underpinning Data - Ethene to Graphene: Surface Catalyzed Chemical Pathways, Intermediates, and Assembly

    Wang, B. (Creator), König, M. (Creator), Bromley, C. (Creator), Yoon, B. (Creator), Treanor, M. J. (Creator), Garrido Torres, J. A. (Creator), Caffio, M. (Creator), Grillo, F. (Creator), Fruchtl, H. A. (Creator), Richardson, N. V. (Creator), Esch, F. (Creator), Heiz, U. (Creator), Landman, U. (Creator), Schaub, R. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 30 Mar 2017