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Research at St Andrews

Graham Murray Smith


  1. A Gadolinium Spin Label with Both a Narrow Central Transition and Short Tether for use in Double Electron Electron Resonance Distance Measurements (dataset)

    Shah, A. (Creator), Roux, A. (Creator), Starck, M. (Creator), Mosely, J. (Creator), Stevens, M. (Creator), Norman, D. (Creator), Hunter, R. I. (Creator), El Mkami, H. (Creator), Smith, G. M. (Creator), Parker, D. (Creator), Lovett, J. E. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 25 Feb 2019


  2. Data Underpinning: Orientation selection in high-field RIDME and PELDOR experiments involving low-spin CoII ions

    Giannoulis, A. (Creator), Motion, C. L. (Creator), Oranges, M. (Creator), Buehl, M. (Creator), Smith, G. M. (Creator), Bode, B. E. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 5 Jan 2018


  3. Flexible patches for millimeter wavelength holography

    Burch, J. (Creator), Ma, J. (Creator), Hunter, R. I. (Creator), Schulz, S. A. (Creator), Robertson, D. A. (Creator), Smith, G. M. (Creator), Wang, J. (Creator), Di Falco, A. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 14 Aug 2019