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Research at St Andrews

Graham Turnbull


  1. 245 MHz bandwidth organic light-emitting diodes used in a gigabit optical wireless data link (dataset)

    Yoshida, K. (Creator), Manousiadis, P. (Contributor), Bian, R. (Creator), chen, Z. (Creator), Murawski, C. (Contributor), Gather, M. C. (Supervisor), Haas, H. (Creator), Turnbull, G. (Supervisor) & Samuel, I. D. W. (Supervisor), University of St Andrews, 2018


  2. An Organic Vortex Laser (dataset)

    Stellinga, D. (Creator), Pietrzyk, M. (Creator), Glackin, J. M. E. (Creator), Wang, Y. (Creator), Bansal, A. K. (Creator), Turnbull, G. (Creator), Dholakia, K. (Creator), Samuel, I. D. W. (Creator) & Krauss, T. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 19 Jan 2018


  3. Colloidal quantum dot with flex-glass encapsulation as color-converter for micro-LED source in visible light communications

    Foucher, C. (Creator), Islim, M. S. (Creator), Guilhabert, B. (Creator), Videv, S. (Creator), Rajbhandari, S. (Creator), Gomez Diaz, A. (Creator), Chun, H. (Creator), Vithanage, C. D. A. (Creator), Turnbull, G. (Creator), Samuel, I. D. W. (Creator), Faulkner, G. (Creator), O’Brien, D. C. (Creator), Hass, H. (Creator) & Laurand, N. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 10 Jan 2018


  4. Data Underpinning Mengjie Wei's thesis

    Wei, M. (Creator), Samuel, I. D. W. (Supervisor) & Turnbull, G. (Supervisor), University of St Andrews, 2022


  5. Data for "Intermolecular States in Organic Dye Dispersions: Excimers vs Aggregates"

    Musser, A. J. (Creator), Rajendran, S. K. (Creator), Georgiou, K. (Creator), Gai, L. (Creator), Grant, R. T. (Creator), Shen, Z. (Creator), Cavazzini, M. (Creator), Ruseckas, A. (Creator), Turnbull, G. (Creator), Samuel, I. D. W. (Creator), Clark, J. (Creator) & Lidzey, D. G. (Creator), University of Sheffield, 7 Jul 2017


  6. Data for: "MicroLED-based transceiver for visible light communications"

    Manousiadis, P. (Creator), Samuel, I. D. W. (Creator), Turnbull, G. (Creator), Rae, K. J. (Creator), Islim, M. (Creator), Yin, L. (Creator), McKendry, J. (Creator), Correia-Carreira, J. (Creator), Guihabert, B. (Creator), Laurand, N. (Creator), Haas, H. (Creator) & Dawson, M. (Creator), University of Strathclyde, 14 Dec 2017


  7. Data underpinning - "Flexible and Ultra-lightweight Polymer Membrane Lasers"

    Karl, M. (Creator), Glackin, J. M. E. (Creator), Schubert, M. (Creator), Kronenberg, N. M. (Creator), Turnbull, G. (Creator), Samuel, I. D. W. (Creator) & Gather, M. C. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 8 May 2018


  8. Data underpinning - A saturated red color converter for visible light communication using a blend of star-shaped organic semiconductors

    Sajjad, M. T. (Creator), Manousiadis, P. (Creator), Orofino, C. (Creator), Kanibolotsky, A. (Creator), Findlay, N. (Creator), Rajbhandari, S. (Creator), Vithanage, C. D. A. (Creator), Chun, H. (Creator), Faulkner, G. (Creator), O'Brien, D. (Creator), Skabara, P. (Creator), Turnbull, G. (Creator) & Samuel, I. D. W. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 6 Jan 2017


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