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John Walden

School of Geography and


Irvine Building

St Andrews

KY16 9AL

United Kingdom


Direct phone: +44 (0)1334 463688

Research overview

My main research interests lie in the application of magnetic measurements to environmental systems. This includes the use of magnetic properties (eg magnetic susceptibility; remance measurements) of sediments for establishing their likely provenance orunderstanding their weathering history. I have worked on materials from a varierty of field environments including mainland UK, Isle of Man, Iceland, Namibia, Indonisia, Tunisia and Australia. My current work is focused on marine sediment sequences (funded by the Leverhulme Trust) and, in particular, sourcing IRD within Heinrich layers but I also have ongoing work on glacial, desert and fluvial sediment systems.

The environmental magnetic measurements I use allow a mineralogical 'fingerprint' of a sediment to be established (ratherlike other geochemical or mineralogical techniques which also establish a compositional signal for a soil, sediment or rock sample). I currently carry out these analyses in a purpose built laboratory here at St Andrews.

For further information, see the Environmental Change Research Group

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