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Jonathan Mark James Keeling

School of Physics & Astronomy

Physical Science Building

North Haugh

St Andrews

KY16 9SS

United Kingdom


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Direct phone: +44 (0)1334 463121

Research overview

The uniting theme of my current research is exploring the conditions where quantum mechanics can play a significant role in the behaviour of relatively large systems. Normally, for systems that are sufficiently large, the effects of quantum mechanics can be neglected — i.e. macroscopic objects can be described by classical mechanics, along with some limit number of ingriedients from the underlying quantum theory. There are however rare instances, such as superconductors, or superfluid helium, where quantum coherence has a dramatic effect, leading to significant changes to their large scale behaviour, i.e. electrical current without resistance, or fluid flow without friction. My particular focus is on exploring the conditions required for extending such behaviour to higher temperatures, and to systems driven out of thermal equilibrium. In particular, I am interested in non-equilibrium quantum systems, aiming to understand how they can be controlled, and how this behaviour may be exploited.

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