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Research at St Andrews

Juan Ye


  1. Developing pervasive multiagent systems with nature-inspired co-ordination (dataset)

    Zambonelli, F. (Creator), Omicini, A. (Creator), Anzengruber, B. (Creator), Castelli, G. (Creator), DeAngelis, F. (Creator), di Marzo Serugendo, G. (Creator), Dobson, S. A. (Creator), Fernandez Marquez, J. (Creator), Ferscha, A. (Creator), Mamei, M. (Creator), Mariani, S. (Creator), Molesini, A. (Creator), Montagna, S. (Creator), Nieminen, J. (Creator), Pianini, D. (Creator), Rosi, A. (Creator), Stevenson, G. T. (Creator), Viroli, M. (Creator), Ye, J. (Creator), Bitbucket, 4 Nov 2013