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Research at St Andrews

Kate Darling


  1. A new integrated approach to taxonomy: the fusion of molecular and morphological systematics with type material in benthic foraminifera (dataset)

    Roberts, A. D. (Creator), Austin, W. (Creator), Evans, K. (Creator), Bird, C. (Creator), Schweizer, M. (Creator), Darling, K. (Creator), EMBL-EBI, 21 Jul 2016


  2. Cyanobacterial endobionts within a major marine planktonic calcifier (Globigerina bulloides, Foraminifera) revealed by 16S rRNA metabarcoding (dataset)

    Bird, C. (Creator), Darling, K. (Creator), Russell, A. D. (Creator), Davis, C. V. (Creator), Fehrenbacher, J. (Creator), Free, A. (Creator), Wyman, M. (Creator), Ngwenya, B. T. (Creator), National Center for Biotechnology Information, 1 Nov 2016


  3. Distribution and ecology data of planktic Foraminifera in the North Pacific

    Taylor, B. J. (Creator), Rae, J. W. B. (Creator), Gray, W. R. (Creator), Darling, K. (Creator), Burke, A. (Creator), Gersonde, R. (Creator), Abelmann, A. (Creator), Maier, E. (Creator), Esper, J. (Creator), Ziveri, P. (Creator), PANGAEA - Data Publisher for Earth & Environmental Science, 2018


  4. PFR²: Planktonic Foraminifera Ribosomal Reference database

    Morard, R. (Creator), Darling, K. (Creator), Mahé, F. (Creator), Audic, S. (Creator), Ujiié, Y. (Creator), Weiner, A. K. M. (Creator), André, A. (Creator), Seears, H. A. (Creator), Wade, C. M. (Creator), Quillévéré, F. (Creator), Douady, C. J. (Creator), Escarguel, G. (Creator), de Garidel-Thoron, T. (Creator), Siccha, M. (Creator), Kucera, M. (Creator), de Vargas, C. (Creator), University of St Andrews, 20 Jan 2015


  5. The genetic diversity, phylogeography and morphology of Elphidiidae (Foraminifera) in the Northeast Atlantic (dataset)

    Darling, K. (Creator), Schweizer, M. (Creator), Knudsen (Karen-Luise Knudsen), K. L. (Creator), Evans, K. M. (Creator), Bird, C. (Creator), Roberts, A. D. (Creator), Filipsson, H. L. (Creator), Kim, J. (Creator), Gudmundsson, G. (Creator), Wade, C. M. (Creator), Sayer, M. D. J. (Creator), Austin, W. (Creator), National Center for Biotechnology Information, 24 Jan 2017