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Research at St Andrews

Klaus Zuberbuehler


  1. Acoustic measures of gibbon (Hylobates lar) hoo calls in different contexts

    Clarke, E. (Creator), Reichard, U. H. (Creator) & Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), LabArchives, 4 Mar 2015


  2. Audio recordings of predator presentations

    Berthet, M. (Creator), Mesbahi, G. (Creator), Pajot, A. (Creator), Cäsar, C. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator) & Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 25 Feb 2019


  3. Circadian rhythms of urinary cortisol levels vary between individuals in wild male: a reaction norm approach

    Sonnweber, R. (Creator), Araya-Ajoy, Y. G. (Creator), Behringer, V. (Creator), Deschner, T. (Creator), Tkaczynski, P. (Creator), Fedurek, P. (Creator), Preis, A. (Creator), Samuni, L. (Creator), Zommers, Z. (Creator), Gomes, C. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Wittig, R. M. (Creator) & Crockford, C. (Creator), Figshare, 2019


  4. Comparing functions of copulation calls in wild olive baboons, Papio anubis, using multimodel inference (dataset)

    Bouquet, Y. (Creator), Stephan, C. (Creator), Johnson, C. A. (Creator), Rothman, J. M. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator) & Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 2019


  5. Contextual encoding in titi monkey alarm call sequences (dataset)

    Berthet, M. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator), Mesbahi, G. (Creator), Damas, C. C. (Creator) & Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 8 Jul 2017


  6. Correlates of social role and conflict severity in wild vervet monkey agonistic screams (dataset)

    Mercier, S. (Creator), Déaux, E. C. (Creator), van de Waal, E. (Creator), Bono, A. E. J. (Creator) & Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Figshare, 25 Mar 2019


  7. Data from: Behavioural patterns of vocal greeting production in four primate species

    Fedurek, P. (Creator), Neumann, C. (Creator), Bouquet, Y. (Creator), Mercier, S. (Creator), Magris, M. (Creator), Quintero, F. (Creator) & Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Dryad, 29 Mar 2019


  8. Data from: Multiple cross-species transmission events of human adenoviruses (HAdV) during hominine evolution

    Hoppe, E. (Creator), Pauly, M. (Creator), Gillespie, T. R. (Creator), Akoua-Koffi, C. (Creator), Hohmann, G. (Creator), Fruth, B. (Creator), Karhemere, S. (Creator), Madinda, N. F. (Creator), Mugisha, L. (Creator), Muyembe, J. (Creator), Todd, A. (Creator), Petrzelkova, K. J. (Creator), Gray, M. (Creator), Robbins, M. (Creator), Bergl, R. A. (Creator), Wittig, R. M. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Boesch, C. (Creator), Schubert, G. (Creator), Leendertz, F. H. (Creator), Ehlers, B. (Creator) & Calvignac-Spencer, S. (Creator), Dryad, 16 Jun 2015


  9. Data from: Skin temperature changes in wild chimpanzees upon hearing vocalizations of conspecifics (dataset)

    Dezecache, G. (Creator), Zuberbuehler, K. (Creator), Davila-Ross, M. (Creator) & Dahl, C. D. (Creator), Dryad, 27 Dec 2016


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