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Research at St Andrews

Len Thomas


  1. Delphinids – Dolphins in the Gulf of Mexico, 2010-2017

    Frasier, K. E. (Creator), Wiggins, S. M. (Creator), Harris, D. (Creator), Marques, T. A. (Creator), Thomas, L. (Creator), Hildebrand, J. A. (Creator), GRIIDC, 2016


  2. Estimating effective detection area of static passive acoustic data loggers from playback experiments with cetacean vocalisations (dataset)

    Nuuttila, H. K. (Creator), Brundiers, K. (Creator), Dähne, M. (Creator), Koblitz, J. C. (Creator), Thomas, L. (Creator), Courtene-Jones, W. (Creator), Evans, P. G. H. (Creator), Turner, J. R. (Creator), Bennell, J. D. (Creator), Hiddink, J. G. (Creator), Zenodo, 18 Sep 2018