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Research at St Andrews

Lindesay Alexandra Sarah Scott-Hayward


  1. Data from: Vocal foragers and silent crowds: context-dependent vocal variation in Northeast Atlantic long-finned pilot whales

    Visser, F. (Creator), Kok, A. C. M. (Creator), Oudejans, M. G. (Creator), Scott-Hayward, L. A. S. (Creator), DeRuiter, S. L. (Creator), Alves, A. C. D. C. (Creator), Calado Antunes, R. N. (Creator), Isojunno, S. (Creator), Pierce, G. J. (Creator), Slabbekoorn, H. (Creator), Huisman, J. (Creator), Miller, P. (Creator), Dryad, 8 Nov 2017